Swimming Lesson For Lulu 22 Months

Teaching Baby and Toddlers to Swim is easy with our Baby Swimming Course. The full program is at your fingertips and easy to follow. We provide thorough instruction and video guidance on your journey.

How to Teach Baby to Swim at 6 Months

Embark on a waterborne journey with our comprehensive swimming lessons, starting from the comfort of your own bathtub. Nurture your baby’s natural affinity for water before introducing them, at 4 to 6 months, to our expert-led pool sessions. Witness Baby Rose’s aquatic debut alongside her supportive family, fostering not only vital skills but also meaningful family bonds. Dive into a unique opportunity for physical activity and social connection. Discover the array of essential skills unveiled in this transformative swimming lesson.

Supervision for Baby Swimming and Bath Time Play

Supervision around the pool is extremely important with children. We detail why it is so important and the need to remain diligent especially when it relates to your baby swimming lesson journey.

The Benefits of Early Years Swimming Programs

A study by Professor Robyn Jorgensen, published in the journal Pediatrics in 2015, found that children who participated in early years swimming programs achieved many milestones earlier than the average population. The study also found that swimming children performed significantly better than the normal population across physical, cognitive, social and linguistic measures. This was regardless of social background and gender.

Our Top 10 Performing Baby Swimming Videos On Youtube

We go through our top 10 Baby Swimming Videos and outline the learning outcomes throughout each. From Down turnarounds, kicking, paddling, shallow water exploration we have extensive library of Baby Swimming Videos on our Youtube Channel.

10 Must Have Items for Your Nappy Bag as a New Parent

As a new parent, having a well-stocked nappy bag is essential for any outing with your baby. In this article, we’ll review the top 10 must-have items for your nappy bag, including nappies, wipes, a changing pad, spare clothes, muslin cloths, bottles and formula, a pacifier, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and snacks. With these essentials on hand, you’ll be prepared for any situation and able to enjoy time out of the house with your little one.

Baby Swimming in Mexico: A Brief History of Progress and Benefits

Discover the history and benefits of baby swimming in Mexico, from the efforts of key professionals to the government’s support in promoting water safety and swimming education. Enroll your baby in a structured baby swimming program and watch as they improve their physical, cognitive, and social skills while staying safe around water.

How to Brave the Cold With Your Baby Swimming – Swimming in the Colder Months in Canada

If you’re looking for ways to continue exposing your baby to swimming during colder months in Canada, read on. In this article, we explore the benefits of baby swimming, safety precautions to take, and tips on how to continue exposure to swimming through bathing and indoor pools.

Some of the benefits of baby swimming include physical development, sensory experience, emotional well-being, and bonding with parents. To ensure safety, parents should always supervise their babies while swimming, ensure appropriate water temperature