Swimming Lesson For Lulu 22 Months

In our recent youtube video we explore the learning milestones for swimming at 22 months. This is an exciting time for babies and they are starting to discover their independence in the water!

Regular exposure to the water is the key when teaching baby’s and children to swim. Frequent swimming lessons alongside regular water play will give the best results. Lulu at 22 months has two swimming lessons per week as well as regular play opportunities. When teaching swimming to any age we follow a building block approach. We slowly build swimming skills including water familiarisation, breath control, submersion, floating and propulsion. Progressing children according to individual readiness is essential.

We should never rush or hurry children in their learn to swim lesson. We slowly encourage them with gentle support and always ready their body language and cues to ensure they are happy and confident while they learn to swim. Adult supervision is mandatory during the swimming lesson and during water play. Even shallow water poses drowning dangers for children under the age of 5. For more information on infant aquatics and how to teach swimming visit www.babyswim.info

Video Chapters for Reference: 0:02 Warm Up Kicks 0:16 Breath Control and Floating 1:25 Swimming To The Ledge 1:42 Fishes In The Ocean 2:21 Crocodile On The Ledge 2:45 Treading Water 3:01 Encouraging Goggles 3:15 Crocodile On The Ledge 3:29 Back Floating Ledge 4:00 Shallow Water Play 5:26 Swim, Kick, Paddle 6:30 Down Turn Around 7:05 Goodbye Swim Song

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