Our Top 10 Performing Baby Swimming Videos On Youtube

We have created a curated playlist of videos on our Youtube Channel that highlight some of the Baby Swimming steps that are taught throughout our course. The following are our Top 10 performing Baby Swimming videos:

  1. Lulu Down Turn Around/ Safety Turns – In this video we show a short clip of the result of consistent practice and lessons from birth. The purpose of this practice is to assist the baby with learning to recover to the edge of the pool.
  2. Use These Prompts to Help with Your Baby Swimming – Encouraging independence in a supervised environment is a key milestone in the learn to swim process. In this video it demonstrates how babies can get to the stage of freely seeking to dive off to a parent and explore independently. Always done under strict supervision.
  3. Shallow Water Exploration – Shallow water exploration can be a great way to build confidence and comfort for babies in the water. Setting up ledges in the pool to make it shallower so babies can stand and explore with comfort helps with managing this stage of the learning process.
  4. Baby Dives Into Swimming Pool – Diving can be an exciting time for a babies learn to swim journey. In this video Emma has used a floating teaching mat with is soft and provides something for the baby to reach out and climb up on.
  5. Baby Swimming Independently and Recovering in Shallow Water – Shallow water play for babies is a great way for babies to learn key lessons and boundaries in the water. With appropriate supervision this can be an exciting time for babies learning to swim.
  6. Baby Monkey Swimming and Gripping – This is one of the key developmental milestones in the learn to swim journey where your baby will learn to grip and hold the edge of the pool. This is an exciting time as it provides babies with a new area of the pool to discover.
  7. Baby Gripping on T-Shirt – In all our lessons we encourage parents to wear t-shirts to assist with the teaching process. This video demonstrates why this is such a vital tool to help your baby learning to swim.
  8. Baby Kicking and Paddle – Kicking and paddling is the start of independent propulsion in baby swimming. Here you will see your baby kicking and paddling and starting to develop their feel for the water.
  9. Happy Baby Swimming – Our teaching method has been developed over 50 years and at its core encourages swimming as a fun and enjoyable activity in a safe learning environment. At no stage do we ever push or force children as we want to build a long lasting love for the water.
  10. Swim Arounds – Swim arounds are a water safety skill that teach children directional change in the water. They also increase children’s breath control and also a respect for the water.

These videos are designed to provide a brief introduction to our detailed Baby Swim Course. All content should be used as a guide and always accompanied with strict supervision.

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