Baby Swim... Everything you need to know!

Sharing the learn to swim journey from birth to 12 months. Teaching families to love and respect the water.

About the Course

Learn How To

Baby Swim Program Includes:

A Guide for New Parents

Everything you need to know about the learn to swim process to support your child's journey. FAQ's and Tips.

Bath Time Lessons

The learn to swim process starts at home in the bath or shower. Watch week by week progress as baby grows with age.

Learn To Swim Techniques

Somewhere between four and six months is the ideal time to introduce your baby to the pool and formal learn to swim lessons. Let me show you how.

Water Safety Education

Active Adult Supervision is required at all times when baby is in, around or near water. Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in children under 5.

Features You'll Love

Learn From The Experts

Internationally recognized teaching methods to make learning to swim a positive experience for parent and child. Swim for fun, fitness, health and safety.

Follow Growth and Development

Follow the learn to swim process, from bath time to independent swimming under active adult supervision within 12 months. Progress your baby according to their individual readiness.

Watch On Any Device

Use your phone, tablet or laptop to enjoy our learn to swim content. Have everything you need to know in the palm of your hands. You can even watch offline if you download the content within the app.

Community and FAQ's

Our community is here to help. Swimming pools are the the ideal place to make connections in your community. Learning to swim has social, emotional and physical benefits for both parent and child. Gain the confidence to join your local swim school.

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