Hi everyone, I’m Emma and I am a mum to two beautiful girls Evie and Harper. Before becoming a mum I taught babies to swim in my family’s learn to swim school which has been operating in Australia since 1966. I’ve always enjoyed teaching babies to swim. But since becoming a mum and witnessing the joy from my own children as they learn to swim, it’s given me the desire to encourage other parents to embark on the incredible learn to swim journey with their child.

I guess you could say that the water runs through my veins. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up around the pool and learn from my dad, Laurie Lawrence. Dad’s swimming expertise is unique in that not only does he specialise in teaching babies to swim but he has taught many children to swim and progressed them through to medals at the Olympic Games.

I may be biased but I feel as though I’ve learnt from the best! Throughout this website you will see videos of Evie and Harper as they learn to swim as well as other tips that my family has learnt over the past forty plus years. So please enjoy our website. I hope that the videos and baby swimming information that you find on our site gives you the confidence to introduce your baby to the water in a relaxed and loving environment.

One final thought! Remember learning to swim should be a happy and positive experience for both parent and child. As a mum and a swimming teacher, who has successfully taught hundreds of children to swim, I am critical of any learn to swim methods that use force to teach babies to swim. Throughout the internet you will see lots of different baby swimming methods. I urge you to follow your parental instincts and avoid any program that forces children while they are crying or showing other signs of distress.


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