How to Teach Baby to Swim at 6 Months

The journey of learning to swim commences right at home, in the familiar confines of the bathtub. This early phase is dedicated to nurturing the innate connection that babies have with water. Typically, when babies reach the age of 4 to 6 months and their parents feel at ease, it becomes suitable to initiate them into formal swimming lessons conducted in a pool setting.

In our most recent youtube video we go through the basics of Gripping, Cup Conditioning and Self Submersions.

Enter the heartwarming scene of Baby Rose’s introduction to the swimming pool, embraced by the loving presence of her family, radiating positivity, and offering unwavering encouragement. These swimming lessons not only facilitate skill development but also create an exceptional bonding experience, uniting families in physical activity and fostering social interactions.

During the course of this enlightening swimming lesson, a spectrum of crucial skills takes center stage, each being introduced with care and expertise. For a detailed course of how to teach your baby to swim sign up today!

0:00 Gripping 0:20 Cup Conditioning 0:42 Chasing A Ball 2:02 Self Submersions 2:30 Assisted Submersions 3:21 Assisted Kicking 3:30 Floating To Mum 3:47 Splashing Song 4:14 Floating To Mum 5:06 Self Submerge To Mum 5:22 Floating Mat Sensory Play

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