Week 5 – Building Confidence as a New Parent: 5 Weeks of Bath Time Swimming Lessons with Evie

I can’t believe that Evie is already five weeks of age. The time goes by so quickly. Bath time swimming lessons have definitely become our favourite time of the day. Here, I am able to spend previous one on one time stimulating, communicating and bonding with Evie.

I am now much more confident and relaxed when bathing Evie and I feel as though these daily interactions in the bath have definitely helped to build my confidence as a new mum.

Over the past five weeks I’ve been experimenting with the depth of the bath water. This week I’ve filled the bath quite deep so that she can truly feel her own buoyancy. She seems to really enjoy these deep baths and I try to help her relax buy pouring water and holding her ever so gently supporting.

During the course of every bath I do 5 to 6 conditionings where I pour the water over Evie’s face. I always follow these rules. 1. Ensure she’s upright 2. Ensure I’m consistent with my trigger words 3. Stop immediately if she shows any signs of distress

This week I’ve also started to give her move exposure to laying on her tummy in the bath. She really seems to enjoy this new experience and is always so calm while in this position.

When she’s on her tummy I use my hand to gently lift her mouth and nose out of the water. But a word of warning, when in this position it’s very important to stay down low so you can get good vision of the baby’s mouth to ensure it’s clear on the water.

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