Crawling Through Tunnels And Floating Mats

Baby Swimming Mats and Tunnels

During the swimming lesson we often use floating mats to enhance play based learning for babies and young children. Play based learning is important to develop children’s social and emotional skills. Here we can build positive relationships with children while they learn to cooperate, communicate and problem solve.

Utilising floating mats in the swimming lesson can also enhance children’s physical development. Crawling through a tunnel is a great exercise that strengthens the muscles, develops body strength and improves mobility and flexibility. Being physically active improves circulation and develops children’s gross motor skills. Crawling helps to develop children’s bilateral coordination. There are other physical benefits including the development of core strength, body awareness and even joint mobility.

Over a number of swimming lessons you will observe an improvement in children’s body strength. This includes both lower body strength as they use their legs to propel forward and upper body strength as they use their arms and shoulders to move forward as well. This will have an impact on safety skills like being able to climb out of the pool.

Crawling through a tunnel that is floating on water is not an easy activity. But children find this activity to be fun and exciting. Providing educational opportunities that are stimulating and fun for children to participate in is vital. This is what will make children and their parents want to return to swimming lessons each week.

Remember when using any equipment you must make sure that it is in good working order and is used in a manner that is safe. Active adult supervision is vital. Never leave children alone on floating mats in the pool. Always be in a position to respond quickly. Pack up pool toys and equipment immediately after the swimming lesson.

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