Supervision for Baby Swimming and Bath Time Play

Supervision around the pool is extremely important with children. We detail why it is so important and the need to remain diligent especially when it relates to your baby swimming lesson journey.

Crawling Through Tunnels And Floating Mats

Baby Swimming Mats and Tunnels

During the swimming lesson we often use floating mats to enhance play based learning for babies and young children. Utilising floating mats in the swimming lesson can also enhance children’s physical development. Crawling through a tunnel is a great exercise that strengthens the muscles, develops body strength and improves mobility and flexibility.

What Do Babies Do In Swimming Lessons

What do babies learn in swimming lessons

Baby swim classes are an ideal activity for parents and caregivers to enjoy with their child. Water familiarization is a vital stage of the learn to swim class. Here the baby and the caregiver become relaxed and confident in the water. These early experiences with the water will set the tone for all future learning.

The Developmental Benefits of Starting Children Swimming at 4 Months: Why Early Lessons Make a Difference

Our recent YouTube video featuring children learning to swim as young as 4 months has generated many questions. While development rates are not a measurement, years of research show that starting baby swimming lessons early can have a significant impact on a child’s comfort and rate of progression in the water. Learn about the benefits of early swim lessons, including improved physical and cognitive skills, increased water safety, and the opportunity for parent-child bonding.

Why Blue Swimsuits May Pose a Risk for Water Safety.

A recent warning from a swim teacher has raised concerns about the potential danger of blue swimsuits for children. While it’s important to be aware of such risks, the most crucial factor in ensuring children’s safety in the water is proper supervision. Regardless of what swimsuits they are wearing, parents and caregivers must provide constant and undivided attention to their children while swimming to prevent tragic accidents.

Importance of Turning Skills for Water Safety: Teaching Babies to Turn Underwater

Turning skills are a vital component of water safety for babies and young children. It is important for babies to learn how to turn to safety, whether it’s towards a parent, a ledge, or the side of the pool. This skill can be introduced to babies who have good breath control and have been attending regular swimming lessons, usually between 8 to 12 months of age.

How to Find the Right Swim School for Your Baby in India: Tips and Important Points

Finding the right swim school for your baby in India is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By taking the time to research and visit potential swim schools, checking credentials, and considering important points such as age-appropriate classes, qualified instructors, safety features, and a child-friendly environment, you can ensure that your baby receives the best possible instruction and has a positive experience learning to swim. This article provides tips and important points to consider when searching for the right swim school for your baby in India.

The Importance of Baby Swimming and Swimming Lessons in India

Swimming is an essential life skill that can provide numerous physical and mental benefits. In India, the importance of baby swimming and swimming lessons is increasingly being recognized, as parents and schools strive to prevent drowning and promote water safety. This article explores the importance of baby swimming and swimming lessons in India, highlighting the physical and mental benefits they provide, as well as the urgent need for greater awareness of water safety.