9 Months – Evie’s 9 Month Development in Learn to Swim Lessons

At 9 months Evie is showing great signs of independent mobility in the water. She can now push and float off a shallow ledge and float and pull herself up on a shallow ledge. It’s essential to note that a child’s capability to perform these skills will be determined by pool design, previously introduced water skills and individual readiness.

Tips for floating to a ledge – In the initial stages do not submerge the child – Start by placing them onto the ledge with their arms lifting their head out of the water (legs will overhang deep water) – Repeat the above exercise several times and encourage baby to crawl up onto the ledge – If the baby has mastered conditioning and submersion you can advance the skill further – Introduce assisted submersions and assisted pull up on the ledge – Continue with assisted practices until child is comfortable – Again if the child has already mastered free floating you can advance the skill further – When attempting the free float always use a double trigger (child’s name, ready go) – Follow behind the child in case they struggle to pull themselves up – Step in where necessary but encourage as much independence as possible – Congratulate each and every attempt – Do not continue if baby cries or shows other signs of distress

Evie’s development at 9 moths is continuing to blossom. Just as her independence is showing in the water so too it becoming more evident on land. She will now shake her head ‘no’, crawl and retrieve toys that she wants to play with and has started to stand.

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