7 Months – Building Independence and Breath Control in 7 Month Old Evie’s Swimming Lessons

Now that Evie is 7 months we are trying to extend her breath control and build independence in the water. We build independence by holding her very softly and giving her an opportunity to support herself as she grips the t-shit. This holding on the start of teaching her a respect for the water. As she grows she will learn that if she doesn’t hold on she will go underwater.

One the baby’s breath control is established to 5 seconds you can submerge and free float them easily underwater. Always remember to 1. Get the baby’s attention 2. Use the trigger words 3. Give them a chance to pull up on the shirt

Evie’s growth and development means she is now capable of sitting up on land. This correlates to the learn to swim lesson. We give her an opportunity to explore the shallow water ledge. This balancing is always done under strict adult supervision. Provided that the baby has been conditioned to go underwater the parent can allow self submersions. After they initiate this underwater work pick them up softly so that they remain relaxed in the water.

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