5 Essential Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Showering with Your Baby.

Showering with baby is an ideal bonding activity that can be easily incorporated into a bedtime routine. There are some important tips to follow for a safe and enjoyable experience. These include wearing a T-shirt to prevent slipping, setting a warm water temperature, acclimatizing baby to the shower spray, teaching breath control through conditioning, and using positive social referencing to make the experience fun. Never leave baby unattended and always supervise during bath and shower time.

10 Months – Enhancing Evie’s Swimming Skills at 10 Months

At 10 months old, Evie is gaining more confidence and independence in the water. This month, the focus is on extending her breath control, floating to and from the ledge, and introducing safety turns. On land, Evie is now capable of walking along a wall, climbing up stairs, and loves to dance.

6 Months – Grandpa Laurie and Baby Evie’s Swimming Routine at 6 Months

Grandpa Laurie takes over swimming lessons for 6-month-old Evie. The focus is on building her independence in the water by getting her to grip and hold on. Cup conditioning and increasing breath control are still important, and Evie is now capable of free floating. Shallow water exploration is also introduced, but always under adult supervision within arms reach.