Week 2 – Introducing Your Baby to Swimming: A Guide to Safe and Fun Bath Time Routine

Evie is now 2 weeks of age and we are starting to settle into our bathtime swimming routine. While I have been doing most of the swimming lessons in the bath, Daddy has shown a keen interest to be involved and when he’s not in the bath with Evie he is on the sidelines cheering her on. It’s great to have the help especially after the bath to get her dressed and organised. Evie really loves a little massage and time on her tummy after her bath time swimming lesson.

I’ve now figured out that it’s much easier to actually get into the bath with Evie. Being in the bath with Evie has a number of benefits. It’s easier to hold the baby, easier to wash the baby and easier to supervise the baby. Now that I’m actually in the bath with her it’s such a wonderful bonding experience as i witness each and every little moment of joy as she learns to swim.

You’ll notice that in the footage we are pouring water over Evie’s face. We are using the stimulus response method known as conditioning to teach her breath control on command. When conditioning Evie we always follow these rules.

  1. Sit baby upright 2. Use the trigger words Evie ready go 3. Pour the cup of water on top of the forehead 4. Congratulate Evie on a job well done 5. Never condition a crying baby

Learning to swim should be a fun and positive experience for both parent and child. Its very important that if the baby shows any signs of discomfort that you don’t condition the baby. Remember at this early stage the most important thing is to teach baby to relax and love the water.

Warning: Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5. Since 2000 47 children under 5 have actually drowned in the bath in Australia. So please:

1. Never leave your child unattended in the bath 2. Empty bath water immediately after use

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