Week 14 – Showering with Your 14 Week Old Baby: Safety Tips and Precautions

When Evie is 14 weeks old we venture into the shower again. While Evie does enjoy the shower I tend to stick to bathing her as I find it easier.

When showering with your baby there are a few things to remember. 1. Water temperature 2. Holding baby securely 3. Acclimatizing them to the new environment

Before showering with your baby make sure that other household members know not to touch any taps. Turning on a tap in another area of the house make affect the water temperature and this can be hazardous. Always ensure that you test the water temperature before taking the baby under the water spray. You want the water warm not hot to touch.

It can be very difficult to hold the baby in the shower particularly when they are soapy. If the parent wears a t-shirt in the shower this creates a barrier to that slippery skin to skin contact.

Acclimatizing the baby to the shower spray is also important. You may find that you need to adjust the shower spray. Sometimes the shower spray can be too heavy or may even sting the baby. Remember the baby needs to be able to relax with a soft water pressure that gives them a gentle massage on the skin.

Never try to condition your baby in the shower unless you are comfortable holding them. Remember your child’s safety is paramount. When performing conditioning ensure you hold your baby securely under the arms.

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