12 Months – Evie’s First Birthday and Her Learn to Swim Journey

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Evie, happy birthday to you!

Wow I can’t believe the little baby you see on my home page is now one year old. Of course we gave her a wonderful 1st birthday party with cake, singing and dress ups… and she loved every minute of it! It was lovely to celebrate with friends and family the massive achievements she has made during the first 12 months of her life.

I am so pleased with the commitment I’ve made to her and her learn to swim journey. At 12 months of age Evie is purposefully mobile in the water. She can swim to and from a shallow ledge, hold onto a deck level pool, explore shallow water under strict supervision, turn unaided and find an adult, and she is learning to turn unaided to a shallow ledge. All of these things are huge accomplishments for a 12 month old baby.

While I know Evie is not safe in or around the water unless under strict adult supervision, I believe I have made a difference in her attitudes towards the water. Already she loves the water and with age I believe she will grow a healthy respect for the water which will make her less likely to wander into dangerous situations. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve taught her so far is to love and enjoy the water which will be a gift that will last a lifetime.

Evie’s development on land is growing day by day. Evie can now walk so I guess the journey is only just beginning. We have a great road ahead of us and I hope to continue to share our learn to swim journey with our friends all over the world.

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