What Are ‘Down Turn Arounds’ in Baby Swimming and Why Conditioning is so important.

In our recent youtube video we demonstrated Lulu completing a ‘Down Turn Around’ this process can be see below.

This action is the result of lots of repetition and teaching to ensure conditioning of the baby has been done correctly.

Conditioning is a gentle and safe method that new parents can use to teach their babies breath control in the water. By conditioning your baby to hold their breath on the verbal trigger “NAME Read Go,” you can prepare them for their first underwater experience outside of the womb. By following simple steps, such as sitting your baby upright and allowing the water to run smoothly and evenly over their face, you can ensure that their first underwater experience is a pleasurable one. If you’re uncomfortable with conditioning, you can wait until you join formal learn-to-swim lessons to commence conditioning.
Remember to always stay calm and relaxed during conditioning, as your baby will react according to your body language.

If your baby shows any signs of discomfort or repeatedly swallows water, stop conditioning immediately. Learning to swim should be a positive experience for both you and your baby. So, take your time and enjoy the experience of familiarizing your baby with the water. With regular practice, your baby will eventually learn to hold their breath on cue, and swimming will become a fun and safe activity for both of you to enjoy.

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