Week 3 – Bathtime Swimming Routine with Grandpa Laurie: A 3 Week Old’s Experience

When Evie is 3 weeks of age Grandpa Laurie (or Lollipop as he’s affectionately known) decides enough is enough and it’s now his turn to get in the bath and give the swimming lesson.

You’ll notice that when he’s in the bath with Evie, he makes sure she is always given an opportunity to float. He always sinks the baby down low in the water and supports her either under the back and neck or on the legs.

When holding the baby in this way it’s very important to always ensure that their mouth and nose stay clear of the water.

Evie loves the water being poured over her body. The warm water provides great stimulation and helps to relax her even more.

When it’s time to pour the water over the face to condition the baby, Laurie makes sure that Evie is sitting upright so that it can run quickly over the face. Conditioning must always be performed in an upright position.

You’ll also notice that when Evie cries and shows discomfort he reacts calmly. Remember babies read their parents/caregivers body language. To calm the baby he talks softy and places her feet on the bottom of the bath. Placing the feet on the bottom of the bath makes the baby feel secure and helps them to relax. Parents should not pour water over the baby’s face if they are crying or distressed. Always make sure that the baby he happy before conditioning.

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