Week 12 – Evie’s Progress in Bath Time Swimming Lessons

At 12 weeks everyone is very excited because Evie is now consistently closing her eyes and holding her breath on the trigger words. Last week we noticed this reaction on some occasions but now her breath control has been well and truly established.

Evie is so relaxed that she doesn’t flinch at all when the water is poured over her face. We practice the conditioning routine both in the bath and in the shower.

At 12 weeks Evie is also making some great developmental progress. She is smiling and really trying to communicate. She has also developed an interest in her toys and is putting them into her mouth.

Evie is also becoming really strong in the legs and is enjoying pushing off the base of the bath tub. This pushing off is also being practiced on land especially when she is sitting on your lap. An important note to make is that putting the feet at the base of the bath helps to relax and calm the uneasy baby.

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