Swimming Classes For Babies

Swimming classes offer a fantastic activity for babies and toddlers, bringing numerous social, emotional, and physical benefits to young learners. Beyond the joy of splashing in the water, learning to swim instills in babies a profound respect for water safety, making them less likely to wander into dangerous situations. It’s essential to emphasize active adult supervision during all swimming lessons to ensure a safe and positive experience for both parent and child. Creating an environment where children feel secure is crucial as they progress according to their individual readiness.

Our “Learn to Swim” program follows fundamental principles of water familiarization, breath control, submersion, floating, and propulsion. Twice-weekly swimming lessons are ideal for children, but don’t forget the significance of offering regular opportunities for water play outside of formal lessons. These experiences can significantly enhance children’s progress in learning to swim.


0:00 – Climbing Out Of the Pool: Watch as our little swimmers confidently climb out of the pool, showcasing their growing water confidence and motor skills. 0:00 Climbing Out Of the Pool

0:27 – Run and Jump: Engaging in a fun run and jump activity, our babies and toddlers experience the thrill of water play while developing coordination and strength. 0:27 Run and Jump

1:43 – I Love Swimming: Expressing their love for swimming, our young learners celebrate the joy of being in the water and gaining water confidence. 1:43 I love Swimming

2:35 – Swim and Monkey: Observing adorable swim and monkey movements, we witness the development of motor skills and underwater comfort. 2:35 Swim and Monkey

3:05 – Kick and Swim From High Wall: Our little swimmers practice their kicking skills, propelling themselves confidently from a high wall. 3:05 Kick and Swim From High Wall

3:32 – Kicking On The Ledge: Kicking activities on the ledge further strengthen their swimming capabilities and water familiarity. 3:32 Kicking On The Ledge

4:08 – Introducing Kickboard: We introduce kickboards, providing support and assistance to enhance their swimming skills. 4:08 Introducing Kickboard

5:49 – Learning Colors: Adding an educational touch to the lessons, we engage children in learning colors, combining fun and learning in the water.5:49 Learning Colours

6:41 – Crocodile On Ledge: Watch as our young swimmers mimic crocodile movements on the ledge, enjoying water play while developing coordination. 6:41 Crocodile On Ledge

7:08 – Back Float Practice: We encourage back float practice, promoting relaxation and comfort in the water while building essential water safety skills. 7:08 Back Float Practice

9:47 – Swim Song: Our fun swim song keeps the enthusiasm high as children immerse themselves in the joy of swimming. 9:47 Swim Song

13:16 – Sing For Finished: As we conclude our swimming adventures, we celebrate our accomplishments with a cheerful song. 13:16 Sing For Finished

Enroll your baby or toddler in our swimming classes and unlock the joy of water exploration. Learning to swim is not only a fun activity but also a crucial life skill that builds water confidence and safety awareness. For more information and registration, visit www.babyswim.info and embark on an exciting aquatic journey with your little one!

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