Introducing Baby Luella’s First Bath Time Swimming Lesson – 5 Days Old.

Introducing baby Luella, just 5 days old and embarking on her learn to swim journey. Follow her first bath time swimming lesson at home in the big bath and discover the importance of maintaining baby’s natural affinity with the water.

Bath time can be a special bonding experience between parent and child and is a crucial opportunity to give baby an early exposure to the water. This interaction with water is vital in establishing a positive and relaxed relationship with the water. By giving baby a chance to float, it helps to start the conditioning process which is essential for their future swimming development.

Conditioning during bath time is about teaching baby to hold their breath on trigger words “ready go”. This first underwater experience outside the womb should be a safe and positive experience for baby. It is important to always read baby’s body language and respond to their needs during bath time. Never attempt to condition a crying baby and always supervise baby within arms reach. Never leave children unattended in the bath and make sure to empty bath water immediately after use.

Enrolling in formal swimming lessons between the ages of 4 and 6 months is also an important step in baby’s swimming development. This is when they will have the ability to learn new skills, have improved body control and be able to coordinate their movements.

In conclusion, starting baby on their learn to swim journey during bath time is a crucial step in ensuring they have a positive relationship with the water and the skills they need for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable swimming experiences.

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