Baby Swimming Basics

Welcome to our baby swimming video featuring adorable Lulu at 20 months of age! In this video, we take you through the exciting journey of early learn-to-swim lessons, where we prioritize creating a fun and happy environment to build your baby’s confidence in the water. Our aim is to develop a profound love and respect for the water from an early age, ensuring a lifelong positive relationship with swimming.


0:38 – Kicking Skills: We begin with teaching essential kicking skills. These basic movements lay the foundation for propulsion in the water, enhancing your baby’s motor skills and coordination. 0:38 Kicking Skills

1:42 – Independent Swims: As your baby grows in confidence, they progress to independent swims. Under active adult supervision, they explore the water on their own, gaining a sense of accomplishment with each successful swim. 1:42 Independent Swims

3:11 – Independent Submersions: Submersion is a crucial skill in baby swimming. Here, we guide your little one in comfortable and safe submersions, building their breath control and comfort underwater. 3:11 Independent Submersions

3:59 – Cuddle Kick: The cuddle kick is a fun and engaging activity, combining the joy of being close to you with gentle kicking movements. This promotes a strong bond between you and your baby while advancing their swimming skills. 3:59 Cuddle Kick

4:32 – Swim From Wall To Wall: Watch as Lulu swims independently from one wall to another! Our building block approach allows babies to progress at their own pace, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience. 4:32 Swim From Wall To Wall

5:56 – Kick Swim Climb From High Wall: Our little swimmers take on an exciting challenge – kicking, swimming, and climbing from a high wall! With our supportive guidance, your baby will develop strength and confidence in the water. 5:56 Kick Swim Climb From High Wall

7:27 – Swim Back To High Wall: Building upon their previous achievements, we encourage babies to swim back to the high wall independently. Witness their growing abilities and self-assurance as they conquer this task. 7:27 Swim Back To High Wall

8:20 – Subscriber Thank You: A heartfelt thank-you to all our subscribers and viewers who support our mission of creating a safe and secure environment for baby swimming. Your encouragement motivates us to continue providing top-notch swimming lessons for little ones.8:20 Subscriber Thank You

In our baby swimming program, we adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring that all lessons are conducted with active adult supervision. Each child progresses at their own individual readiness, allowing them to explore and master swimming skills at a pace that suits them best.

Join us in nurturing your baby’s water confidence and introducing them to the joys of swimming. Subscribe to our channel and embark on a wonderful aquatic journey with your little one. Let’s build a strong foundation of water skills and create cherished memories together!

*Note: The timestamps provided in the chapters correspond to specific milestones achieved during Lulu’s 20-month baby swimming journey.

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