Aqua Sensory Play for Babies: Exploring the Water in a Sensory Way.

Aqua sensory play involves using different textures, colors, and temperatures in the water to create a multisensory experience for babies. Activities such as pouring water over the baby’s skin, using different water toys, and floating objects in the water can all create a unique and exciting sensory experience for babies.

As well as being fun for babies, aqua sensory play has many benefits for their development. It can help to improve their hand-eye coordination, stimulate their sense of touch, and enhance their cognitive development. By engaging in sensory play in the water, babies can also develop their social skills by interacting with others and building their confidence in the water.

In the following video from our Baby Swimming youtube channel you can see Lulu exploring on prompts from her teacher due to continual repetition:

It’s important to remember that safety should always come first when engaging in aqua sensory play with babies. Parents should ensure that the water is at a safe temperature and depth, and they should never leave their baby unattended in the water. Babies must always be monitored near water.

Aqua sensory play is a fantastic way for babies to explore the water in a safe and fun way. By using different textures, colors, and temperatures in the water, babies can develop their motor skills, build confidence in the water, and stimulate their senses in new and exciting ways. So why not give aqua sensory play a try with your baby today?


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