Week 13 -Evie’s 13 Week Milestones in Swim Conditioning

Evie is now 13 weeks and I am familiarising her with word action activities like kicking. I’m trying to teach her the kicking action and let her feel the kicking sensation where the water pressure is applied on the toes.

While Evie has been conditioned since birth and is now holding her breath on command she is having a bit of an off day. She doesn’t seem to enjoy my initial attempts with the cups so rather than persist with an activity she is uncomfortable with I move on.

Not only does Evie love to float but she really enjoys being washed. The gentle massage as I rub in the soap is ideal for touch stimulation. The introduction of the washer also exposes Evie to a different texture and helps to remove any dry skin that may have built up on her body.

Because Evie is showing signs that she is hungry I do not keep her in the bath for too long. It’s much better that you read your baby’s cues and leave the bath before the get upset.

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