Baby Swimming with Goggles – Introducing Eye Protection and Underwater Comfort

Welcome to our baby swimming video, where we introduce the concept of swimming goggles to 21-month-old baby Lulu. Having attended swimming lessons twice a week since she was 4 months old, Lulu is familiar with the water. As babies become independently mobile in the water, they spend a significant part of their lesson time submerged. However, prolonged underwater activities may cause discomfort or irritation to their eyes. In this video, we slowly introduce the idea of goggles to young children, particularly babies, ensuring a comfortable and confident transition.


0:04 – Climbing On Mat: Baby Lulu starts her aquatic adventure with playful climbing on the mat, getting comfortable with the water environment. 0:04 Climbing On Mat

0:30 – Back Floating on Mat: We encourage Lulu to back float on the mat, enhancing her water familiarity and promoting relaxation in the water. 0:30 Back Floating Mat

1:00 – Rolling On Mat: Rolling activities on the mat further build Lulu’s comfort level and coordination in the water. 1:00 Rolling On Mat

1:52 – Kicking On Mat: Lulu practices kicking movements on the mat, preparing for underwater propulsion and developing essential motor skills. 1:52 Kicking On Mat

2:03 – Submersions: We guide Lulu through safe and gentle submersions, ensuring her breath control and comfort while submerged. 2:03 Submersions

2:39 – Show Goggles: Introducing swimming goggles to Lulu, we demonstrate their use through adult modeling, fostering her confidence and willingness to try them on. 2:39 Show Goggles

2:49 – Play With Goggles: We engage Lulu in playful activities with the goggles, making the experience enjoyable and exciting for her. 2:49 Play With Goggles

4:20 – Swim Songs And Play: Incorporating swim songs and fun play, we create a positive association with wearing goggles and encourage Lulu’s participation. 4:20 Swim Songs And Play

Using Vorgee Star Fish Kids Alive Goggles, suitable for children aged 18 months to 6 years, we prioritize eye protection and improved underwater visibility for Lulu’s comfort. In the early learning stages, we remove the goggles if she shows any signs of discomfort, ensuring a gradual and pleasant adaptation process. You can practice introducing goggles to your child by using them on a beloved doll during bath time, making the experience more familiar and enjoyable.

Remember, goggles offer many benefits, such as eye protection and enhanced visibility underwater. Always ensure your child uses them under adult supervision for a safe and delightful swimming experience.

Join us in this video as we nurture baby Lulu’s water skills and introduce her to the wonders of swimming with goggles. Subscribe to our channel and embark on a joyous aquatic journey with your little one!

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