Baby Swimming Lessons For 2 Year Olds

Learning to swim can start at any age. If you haven’t already now is the time to reach your toddler to swim. In this swimming video you will see Lulu’s swimming ability on her second birthday. Keep in mind, Lulu has attended two swimming lessons per week since she was 4 months of age. When teaching children to swim you must do so in a positive and supportive learn to swim environment. Children must always be happy and confident while they learn to swim. The learn to swim process follows the basic principals of water familiarisation, breath control, submersion, floating and propulsion. Floating should be the most practiced swimming skill in the learn to swim process.

In our recent Youtube video we explore the key milestones and targets a 2 Year Old can reach when learning to swim. It’s important to always note that despite a child looking like they are comfortable around the pool it is always a necessity to have parent supervision at all times. These chapters can be skipped to easily per below:

0:00 Happy Birthday Lulu 0:20 Jump In And Swim Back To The Side 1:49 Gripping T-Shirt 2:12 Swim Off Wall 3:00 Back Floating 3:38 Swim Under Lane Rope 4:14 Putting On Goggles 4:30 Games For Submersion 5:30 Developing Paddles 6:18 Picking Up Toys and Recoveries 7:14 Down Turn Around 8:20 Assisted Swim And Breathe 8:50 Goodbye Song 9:00 Swim Between Benches.

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