Entries by Emma Lawrence

12 Months

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Evie, happy birthday to you! Wow I can’t believe the little baby you see on my home page is now one year old. Of course we gave her a wonderful 1st birthday party with cake, singing and dress ups… and she loved every minute […]

11 Months

By 11 months of age Evie has development exceptional breath control. For this reason we are putting more emphasis on developing more complex swimming skills like down turn arounds and swim arounds. Down turn arounds teach the baby to turn to safety, either a parent, ledge or side of the pool. Down turn arounds require […]

10 Months

Each month Evie gains more confidence and independence in the water. During this month I aim to further enhance Evie’s capabilities by always giving her an opportunity to perform swimming skills by herself while under my strict supervision. If you take note, in all of the video footage, I always position myself so that she […]

9 Months

At 9 months Evie is showing great signs of independent mobility in the water. She can now push and float off a shallow ledge and float and pull herself up on a shallow ledge. It’s essential to note that a child’s capability to perform these skills will be determined by pool design, previously introduced water […]

8 Months

This is a very exciting month as Evie can now crawl! She also waving and clapping so we know she is very pleased with her progress. Her ability to crawl is going to have some huge implication in the learn to swim lesson. It means now she is going to become purposefully mobile in the […]

7 Months

Now that Evie is 7 months we are trying to extend her breath control and build independence in the water. We build independence by holding her very softly and giving her an opportunity to support herself as she grips the t-shit. This holding on the start of teaching her a respect for the water. As […]

6 Months

Evie is now 6 months of age and it is grandpa Laurie’s (Lollipop as he’s affectionately known) turn to get into the pool. At this stage the main objective is to build Evie’s independence in the water by getting her to grip and hold on. You’ll notice that now 6 months, Evie is much better […]

5 Months

Evie is 5 months of age and we are getting into a nice swimming routine. At this stage I am taking Evie to the pool twice per week and I am still continuing with her bath time swimming lessons. I generally start each lesson with a warm up of kicking. This acclimatises her to the […]

4 Months

Evie is now 4 months old so it’s time to graduate her swimming lessons into the big pool. Anywhere between 4 and 6 months is the perfect time to start your baby swimming in the pool. At this stage the baby has good neck control and is interested in new surrounds. Furthermore the parent is […]

Week 15

At 15 weeks I decide to conduct an experiment with Evie to test whether she is truly conditioned to the verbal trigger “ready go”. Over the course of the bath and shower I become convinced that in fact she truly is conditioned. The aim of conditioning is to teach the baby breath control on command. […]