Baby Lulu Learns To Swim 2 Weeks Old With Cousin and Dolly

Watch Luella, a precious 2-week-old, explore the joys of water with her big cousin Evie! Discover the potential benefits of introducing babies to water early, including fostering their natural affinity, promoting exploration, and encouraging exercise. Remember, safety first: constant adult supervision is crucial. Embrace your baby’s aquatic journey and explore more resources on our channel!

Baby Swimming Developmental Milestones 10 Months

Want a happy, confident little swimmer? Start early! Teaching baby to swim is a rewarding experience filled with laughter and connection. We believe any age is a great time to begin, and our program welcomes bubs as young as 4 months old. Join us as we guide baby Rose through fun, safe exercises that build confidence and pave the way for a lifelong love of water.

Your Adult Beginner’s Guide to Swimming (Video Tutorial!)

Click here for Full Beginner Video Everyone should have the tool’s needed to learn to swim and due to the large amount of requests we have uploaded our Adult Beginners learn to swim basics video to YouTube. We believe this video covers the entire process better than anything else we have found online. This takes […]

Baby Swimming Lessons For 2 Year Olds

Learning to swim can start at any age. If you haven’t already now is the time to reach your toddler to swim. In this swimming video you will see Lulu’s swimming ability on her second birthday. Keep in mind, Lulu has attended two swimming lessons per week since she was 4 months of age. When […]

Swimming Lesson For Lulu 22 Months

Teaching Baby and Toddlers to Swim is easy with our Baby Swimming Course. The full program is at your fingertips and easy to follow. We provide thorough instruction and video guidance on your journey.

How to Teach Baby to Swim at 6 Months

Embark on a waterborne journey with our comprehensive swimming lessons, starting from the comfort of your own bathtub. Nurture your baby’s natural affinity for water before introducing them, at 4 to 6 months, to our expert-led pool sessions. Witness Baby Rose’s aquatic debut alongside her supportive family, fostering not only vital skills but also meaningful family bonds. Dive into a unique opportunity for physical activity and social connection. Discover the array of essential skills unveiled in this transformative swimming lesson.

Baby Swimming Lessons for 1 Year Olds

Dive into the enchanting realm of baby swimming with a captivating video spotlighting Lulu’s aquatic journey at just 21 months old. Witness Lulu’s mastery of breath control, granting her extended underwater adventures. Goggles make a splash as we infuse fun and protection into her experience. Join us in exploring play swims at aquatic centers, fostering vital skills and confidence. Discover how frequent exposure to water fuels the journey of learning to swim. Embark on joyful visits to local public aquatic centers, offering shallow water play, lively fountains, and aquatic playgrounds. Read on to learn about acclimatization and creating a relaxed atmosphere. Unveil the magic of this transformative journey, equipping your baby with water confidence and joy